Cargo Shipment from the Uk to Nigeria

Do you need to ship parcels, vehicles, furniture for door to door delivery by sea & air, from the UK to Nigeria? You have come to the right place.

At Africargo, we offer low cost cargo shipment to Nigeria.

Vehicle transportation

At Africargo, we have been in the cargo business for almost 2 decades. We are experienced in the shipment of various types of vehicles to Nigeria. Be it tractors, lorries, cars, motorcycles, boats etc.

All we need is your shipping requirements and one of our logistics experts will prepare a quote fully adapted to your needs.

Furniture Removal Transportation

Our furniture removal service caters to businesses selling furniture to customers transporting their own personal furniture to Nigeria. So if you are relocating or furnishing a new office or home in Nigeria, we are your right partner.
We have extensive experience in the removal, packaging and the transportation of furniture.
Furniture items on our lists are;
Sofas, chairs and tables, beds and mattresses, carpet and rugs, doors and windows, Light and heavy building construction materials, etc.

Household Items

Do you need to ship your household appliances? Fridges, ir conditional, electric lamps, cookers, ovens, etc. We can help.

For advise on how to prepare them for shipment, get in touch with us today.




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